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Post Harvest Crop Protection



The application of HYPOCHLOR® for post harvest protection on fresh fruit and vegetables will deliver vastly superior results compared to gas or liquid chlorine bleach, both of which damage the outer surface of fruit and vegetables, making them more prone to post harvest rot. Non-chlorine based biocides are not accepted for post harvest use in most countries due to undesirable residues.


Chlorine Dioxide is a relatively new application, but poses potentially serious problems to the packer.  First used in paper pulp bleaching applications, chlorine dioxide is only effective at pH3, which is harmful to the skin of plants and fruit and is counterproductive to any post harvest protection regime.


HYPOCHLOR® forms free chlorine and calcium at pH levels which will not damage the plant. 


HYPOCHLOR® is registered for post harvest use without tolerance to residues by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).


In citrus, apple and other fruit processing, the application of  Hypochlor® will promote a strong outer cuticle on the fruit, which maintains the ongoing integrity of post harvest wax coatings.

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