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HypoChlor - The Klorman Difference

1. ONE STEP WASHDOWN :  KLORMAN provides a continually renewed source of hypochlorite disinfectant throughout the washdown process. KLORMAN requires no pre-rinse and no potable water rinse afterwards to remove harmful chemical residues.


2. ECONOMICAL:  User cost is an extension of chlorine level needed and amount of water used.


3. APPROVALS AND REGISTRATION: KLORMAN’S patented Hypochlor tablets are registered with the EPA and approved by the USDA.


4. NO BATCH MIXING:  KLORMAN eliminates the need for proportioner, complex metering devices, and batch mixing of chemicals. This limits worker liability, enhances worker safety and shortens clean-up time.


5. STABILITY: Hypochlor tablets are more stable than the more commonly used sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach).


6. NON-CORROSIVE:  KLORMAN’s unique ability to dispense calcium hypochlorite (a solid into a liquid) insures controlled pH. The self-buffering nature of Hypochlor tablets prevents alkaline corrosion.


7. NO HARMFUL CHEMICAL RESIDUES: The active disinfectant provided by KLORMAN and the Hypochlor tablets disinfects, deodorizes and performs it function before it ceases to contain oxidizing properties. It is then reduced to a chloride. Chlorides are inert and naturally occurring.


8. ODOR CONTROL:  Chlorine has an affinity for nitrogen, and most odors are ammonia/nitrogen-based. Hypochlor cartridges, with 68% available chlorine, will burn through the ammonia. The low-yield (5.25%) chlorine provided by liquid bleach is insufficient to burn through and the low-yield chlorine forms a bond with the nitrogen and created chloramines. Chloramines produce the obnoxious, pungent odor many people associate the chlorine disinfection.


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