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KLORMAN In-Line Specifications

The cartridge containing HYPOCHLOR tablets is inserted into the KLORMAN dispenser. Water flows over HYPOCHLOR tablets at bottom of cartridge. Chlorine dosing is regulated by turning cap which depresses cartridge into water flow and is dependent on depth of cartridge into water stream.

Shipping Size  –   6″ x 4″ x 10″
Shipping Weight  –   4 lbs.
Flow Capacity  –   Up to 60 gpm
Pressure Range  –   5 psi – 60 psi
Chlorine Output  –   Up to 200 ppm
Input Fitting  –   3/4″ & 1 1/4″ Threaded Bushing
Output Fitting  –   3/4″ & 1 1/4″ Threaded Bushing

Now in use worldwide with USDA/FDA approval and EPA registration,  the KLORMAN should be your first line of defense for disinfection and sanitation.

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